Here's what others are saying about working with Sandra: 
  • "After more than 20 years of working for the federal government, I decided to enter the private sector.  While I had many skills, with only governmental work experience I had difficultydeciding where I should focus or how to explain what I actually do.  A few hours with Sandra not only helped me see my strengths but also provided a clear vision of where I wished to place my efforts.  With the proper brand message customers can now fully appreciate what I have to offer. “ – J.I., Phoenix, AZ

  • "About six years ago I left a successful career of 20 years and embarked on a second career in an entirely new field.  I had read Sandra’s book a number of years prior and figured I would pull it off the bookshelf and just rebrand myself.  However as helpful as her book was, in going it alone I continued to struggle with gaining the certainty I sought.  In completing Sandra’s one-on-one personal branding course I had a level of certainty about my brand within six weeks that had eluded me for six years.  Every person, not just business people, can benefit substantially from her insight and creativity.  Don’t do what I did and struggle attempting to do it on your own." - R.C., Pasadena, CA

  • "Working with Sandra helped me define what it important to me, how I'd like to be seen by others and what is my unique gift to offer others so that I could drive my business in that direction.  It was kind of like mining operation, I was digging during the process and Sandra had the helmet with a light on it pointing me in the direction where the gold was buried." - P.M., Laguna Hills, CA
Personal Brand Workbook

Personal Branding

Sandra Sellani

Brand Expert & Author​

Personal brand coaching is ideal if you are:

  • a professional in a career transition (e.g., midlife career change, new job search)
  • interested in being recognized as an expert in your field
  • searching for the best way to articulate your unique strengths and value in the market

Our Personal Brand Coaching Package Includes:

  • a FREE phone consultation to make sure this program is right for you before you spend a dime

  • 2-3 hours of face-to-face,phone, or Skype consultation with brand author and consultant, Sandra Sellani, to build your personal brand plan

  • Your own 10-12 page Personal Brand Workbook including a 90-day Plan of Action

  • 1 hour of follow-up phone consultation with Sandra 

  • 90-days of unlimited email support for additional questions on your plan